The Corpse; The Puzzle (1)- Diaries, lest we forget


Sami, my neighbor, the one who survived from the Israeli operation, went to check were his two friends, who are brothers, were. Nothing was important to Sami except seeing his friends.

With his broken leg and finger and burnt hear, Sami went downstairs directly to the burnt flat, in which he left his friends. He didn’t open the door. At least, the soldiers relieved him from doing so as they burnt everything. With the destroyed northern wall of the flat, an open view to a fully miserable house appeared. Everything was burnt, everything.


       Direct to the room, he found nothing but bits of bones. He knew that his friend is no more existed, neither his soul nor his body. Fire ate him, his clothes, body and his bones as well. Silently Lina, his sister, watched him picking up his friends’ bones. He was collecting the remaining bones as holding up his breadth.


He walked on his broken leg to continue looking for his second friend, his friends’ brother. Going back through what happened, he remembered that his friend was in the safest room in the flat. Sami remembered when his friend shouted for help after getting his two legs shot from tanks in front of him and fire behind him swallowing everything. “I watched helplessly as the big fire ate everything up,” Sami said. He tried his best, but fire was much faster than his slowly movement with his broken leg.

Sami’s friend was asking for help while he was pushing his wounded body toward the edge to throw himself from the first floor. They, Sami and his friend, were talking to each other when Sami apologized that he wont be able to help; his broken leg was the cause! “Please, forgive me!” Sami said in a very distressing tone.

Looking at each other straight in the eyes, they both have nothing to say. They were awkwardly silent.

“Send my salam to my family, tell them to stay strong and never get weak, this is my fate, and hopefully we will reach victory soon.” Sami’s friend continued, trying to raise his voice up. “Leave the place Sami. Go. Escape with your soul and body and survive. I will miss you so much” Sami’s friend finally said.

Sami didn’t know what to do; it was the most difficult situation he passed. Nothing paused; fire was continuing eating everything and shooting didn’t stop, not even for a moment. Sami and his friend’s bodies were bleeding as well.

Shaking his head strongly, Sami was back to reality. He searched the place where the living room was. Finding nothing, he went to the remnant of the children’s rooms, the kitchen, and toilets. He didn’t find anything!! And you can notice how one of us can react when having a disappeared close friend’s corpse. Knowing nothing about him, Sami was in tension.


“Are human beings that much cheap?!! Withdrawing and putting an end to my friend’s life? How come?” Sami thought to himself. Then he confirmed that he must find his friend somewhere: alive or dead!!

Lina called him to hurry up, as the taxi arrived so they can go to another place until rebuilding the burnt, damaged flat again. While they were in the car, Sami said that his disappeared friend was preparing for his marriage party. But the aggression on Gaza stopped him. He was talking to Lina with a full sorrow on his friend.

He had to believe that his friend had the same fate of his brothers’! Sami left the place knowing nothing about his disappeared friends’ body.

To be continued….


10 thoughts on “The Corpse; The Puzzle (1)- Diaries, lest we forget

  1. am speechless..
    It is terribly painful and touching.. May his friend’s soul rest in peace.
    Isra’, this is a must-read story, so spread it widely..


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