The Journey, the Return and Love

    Isra M. Migdad


             The truth is white so I’ll write on it. I adore my beloved and want to be back to her. The truth is black, where no one is allowing me to meet her, thus I’ll write on it; no one can prevent me to do so! Repeating, the latest is just a mirage even if they are trying to avert!

              Yearning to see her is something innate in me. We haven’t seen each other yet; neither I nor she had a chance to meet! There was, and still is, a problem in our appointments as we have never ever met! I feel that I am not that loyal to my beloved. But I’m trying all ways that can bring me closer to her!

       I visited lots of places around the world but I’m still unable to match the love which is settling in my heart. I love her, yet it seems that I don’t really know anything about the art of love!

              I love my grandparents’ story and I hate it. It’s just depressing me to remember. Loving each other is not enough, especially when nothing could be done for the second party. Apologizing is a good thing to do after trials and challenges!

                Sorry my darling. I don’t know who meets you every morning and who looks after you in afternoons. I don’t even know how you appear every night. Among this indisputable love, I will stay dreaming to strengthen the idea of meeting you with an appointment which I really don’t know when it will be!

               Grief is grief, no matter how it is expressed. I want to be back there, where she is. There is a relationship and both of us have to be connected! And simply, it is tough to live away from your adorable ones.

         I know sixty four things and whisper with the truth…The truth that is getting lost in my heart; I don’t know whether I’m really loving and adoring? Maybe I was the selfish man or the one who ignores the right of love!!

               I don’t know how she looks like; I just know her name and how close we are to each other! I hope I grow much older, since all who are sleeping still youngll!! How lacking in sincerity love is! Forgetting my beloved and remembering her once or twice a year!!

                 Palestine is ours, and so is Hamama*. My nationality will never evaporate in the realm of mirage, where decisions are done and negotiations are held. My right will still be for me to obtain.

         I’m writing to feel the love I’m breathing. I write down every year, because I have the desire to meet my beloved homeland and lovely village. I’m living this love by being more and more selfless and nobler yet will never forgive the delay of not going back there.

      Freeing me from what I am facing will help in liberating my beloved as well. Enthusiasm has an end , but it may have very long-term plan, and so do I. I will not give up my dream! No one likes to see his/her beloved in pain, nor do I! It is my beloved Palestine and nothing else!

*Hamama: The village where my grandparents were born, and had to leave it by force 1948. My father’s grandparents and my grandfathers, all, died without being back to their villages. And this will not continue foever, inshaAllah.


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