The Corpse; The Puzzle (2)


Picture1I was in our room on my bed reading, my two small sisters were playing with their dolls. It was the mid of the day and it was sunny!

Noise outside was infiltrating into our house. Were bulldozers came to rub out the heaps in the area after the massacre left damage. We were happy to see that no rubble will remain.

Suddenly, we heard some noise coming from outside which drew our attention. “Here it is. Quickly come and see what’s happening” My sister said. I quickly put on my scarf and directly went to the window to see what’s happening.

“I could see something that is appearing in between the sand.” Said my small sister. The bulldozer was moving slowly and then stopped after a yelling voice from one man who were in the area. “There is something here, come and see” said the man with a fretful voice.

I rubbed my eyes and tried to see what they found! My heart started beating very fast!

Strangely, my sisters and I, stood silently and watched carefully. We saw a corpse!!

“NO!”, came my reaction. My mind went directly to what happened during the massacre 2008!!

“AHMAD” I called my brother wistfully. “Please go and let Sami come quickly, he must know who this body belongs to”. “Right away”  he said and directly went were Sami was.

Inquisitively, all men come around to see what’s happening. One of them called an ambulance directly. We, from the window,  just heard mumbles. “Surely he tried to save his life”, ” “His brother?”, “No head”, “So many shots”, “He jumped” …

Sami arrived. There was nothing but utter silence. He stopped. He was looking at my brother straight in the eyes. “Could this be true? After 6 months, will I see my friends corpse? Will I? Ahmad said nothing yet he saw all sadness in Sami’s eyes. Ahmad moved his sight toward the corpse!!

We were still looking up from the fourth floor. My sister was wiping her tears. We all were waiting in pain to see what will Sami’s reaction be like! This fact alone, made him stand steadily remembering the worse he went through.

Sami went to stand silently in front of the corpse; his friends corpse! It was merely Sami’s own voice, speaking from within his own self!

” I have been always thinking about you. This consumed me very much. My attempt to do something for you were in vain” Sami said.  “I REALLY TRIED HARD TO SAVE YOUR LIFE MY FRIEND. I tried to pull you and you tried to move your body forward! I tried to put you on my back but it was too hard for me! This is how we both knew that it was very, very over!

“Still, despite all of this, you are the Hero. Because you died for Palestine. Because you sacrificed for the sack of the right and just. I will never forget that once upon a time I had two friends that had gone at the same time!

Farewell my friend. Farewell!!

Sami went to tell his friends mother about what happened. He, Sami, was setting in the room waiting his friends mother. In she came. He told her. There was a long silence, a deadly silence, a fearful silence. Her agitated reply came after a long pause. “It is still one of the scariest memories for me out of all those years I lived!” She finally said. “He was bigger than life.”

His friends’ mother couldn’t stop crying! “Her words left me speechless” Sami said. She burst into tears and whispered: “Thank you, thank you, thank you Allah for giving me a chance to see one of my sons dead bodies!”

Isra M. Migadad


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