When Electricity Is Off, It Opens My Heart So “New” Light Could Get In!

I used to mange to fall asleep when there is no electricity. Or, do all my work which could be achieved without it. So, I organize my day according to the electricity schedule, which I find somewhat funny. 🙂
Today, our generator has a problem and it needs to be repaired. My sister was somewhat angry as she has a project to complete and she needs to charge her laptop! I wasn’t that much caring. I’m almost done with what I have for tomorrow, Alhamdulillah. ^_^
So, there will be no light this night! And I gotta bring a candle to light my room! But still, the sound of the generator is echoing in my mind, as we used to it!
I must admit that even if I need the electricity to do lots of things, yet when it’s off, all distractions will be eliminated at a glance. There is no need for you to take effort to do so! When the electricity is off, it brings me to another life far from the electronics. It helps me get off my TV, twitter, Facebook, Skype, my mobiles. No hair straightners to use. No kitchen machines to use. No radio. No computer games…
I would pray in humility. I would read more books. I would think interesting thoughts. I would meditate…
For me, it’s the best time to study, complete my paper work and my phone calls! And, of course, I will have a chance to sit to see my parents and siblings!



3 thoughts on “When Electricity Is Off, It Opens My Heart So “New” Light Could Get In!

  1. Love the Duaa’s hanging off the walls of your candle-lit room.Yes indeed I too am familiar with arranging my schedule alongside the hours it is available,that is every 3 hours in my city.But the positives of this darkness also means there’s no better time to do the Zikr and equip ourselves with some peace and reflect on things we normally tend to push aside.My mother always says electricity goes so that we can prepare for the barzakh.the darkness that will eventually engulf us .Counting the tasbih is a great way to utilize this reality check.


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