What is it Like to Live in #Gaza?


By Isra Migdad 23.11.2014 I received a question on Ask.fm which says: What is it like to live in Gaza?

At first, I didn’t want to answer, simply because I didn’t know from where to start, but I made up my mind and answered it. First things that came to my mind are the following:

To plan for a lovely trip with your family to Turkey and the Rafah crossing closure stops it!

To get a Master degree scholarship and the last aggression on Gaza prevents you to complete he final procedure! You lose it!

To bear the unbearable!

To make ablution with salty water.

To live with your family knowing that you might lose them at any time!

To go to fill your car with fuel, finding that it’s double the price!

To wait for long for your dads arrival, finding that he has to wait for a WEEK on the Egyptian side waiting for the crossing to open!

To have an AMAZING room that you spend all your time in, and then, with an Israeli rocket it’s all damaged!

To call your relatives abroad and tell them that you are fine, while they hear huge explosion sounds over the phone!

To cry out loud when you hear that one of your work colleagues was deliberately targeted and he was the one who chose you to work with his team!

To stand in front of your students to give a presentation, and then the electricity goes off! >.<

To find a corpse of your best friend after nearly six months of his death (by the Israeli forces)!

To not be able to visit al-Aqsa during the 24 years you lived! To see your grandfather dying in front of you telling you not to forget our village in 1948 land!

To call your friend to check that she’s fine and you find that her two aunties are killed and ALL the houses in their neighborhood are damaged!

To see the Israeli tanks by own eyes, rushing downstairs to tell your family to leave the house NOW because the danger is at its peak!

To see the bomb falling into your house and the only thing you do is to put on your hijab, and leave everything behind!

In Gaza you learn to give as much as you can for the poor! In Gaza you learn to love for your friend what you love for yourself, because one of you will die before the other, hoping to leave good memories!

In Gaza you learn to do good deeds, where-ever you go and whenever you can! In Gaza you learn to love deeply! You learn to forgive!

In Gaza you learn that your Deen -Religion – is the only thing you will have with you, so you stick to it and practice it Life in Gaza is hard and beautiful, easy and difficult, harsh and kind! Alhamdulliah for everything!


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