Feeling Lonely?

When we feel that Allah is so far away from us and forgotten us and doesn’t like us; when we feel that Allah is not responding to our prayers, we can just remember the meanings of the amazing chapter in the Qur’an, Al-Duha, that tells us to be positive and to feel good about Allah the Almighty.


Surah Al-Duha (The Morning Brightness) for me, is one of the beautiful chapters in the Qur’an which was addressed to the Prophet Mohammed – upon him be peace – to reassure him, when he had not received revelation for nearly six months, that his Lord, Allah, had not forsaken him.
In this chapter, Allah gives Mohammed – upon him be peace – reasons to believe that Allah is by his side, and He, Allah, reminds Prophet Mohammed about him being an orphan when Allah found him and sheltered him, and when He found Prophet Mohammed – pbuh- lost and guided him!

We have to believe that Allah’s promises will come true! And remember that He gave us a family to live with and guided us to the straight path when we were lost and gave us wealth when we were poor. We have to look to people below us; the orphans, those who have no one to look after, and the beggars, those who sleep while hungry!!
All this makes us realize that we have to be more and more patient in our lives for we are looking to achieve certain things or waiting, for too long, for something to happen!
I believe that the best antidote for depression is to read this Surah, so we can feel the love of Allah the Almighty, inshaAllah… ♡

In the name of Allah, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy, “By the morning brightness, and by the night when it grows still, your Lord has not forsaken you [Prophet], nor does He hate you, and the future will be better for you than the past; your Lord is sure to give you ]so much] that you will be well pleased. Didn’t He not find you an orphan and shelter you, find you lost and guide you, find you in need and satisfy your need? So do not be harsh with the orphan and do not chide the one who asks for help; talk about the blessings of your Lord.” Qur’an 93


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