In This Life … No True Happiness!

11159947_842104392527234_3867245690115019868_n21st March, 2015
In this dunya, we’ll never truly be happy. We’ll never truly be content! Because this world is designed to break our hearts. We all are living in this life with different types of pain and agony! The reality is that we are all tested differently, tests in terms of death, loss, money, pleasure, etc! This dunya is not the right place to be happy, it’s NOT! When you choose to study something you love, you have to meet that teacher who will hate you! You might be that intelligent excellent student, but s/he will still hate you, however, you have to be patient. You will find these people who will speak behind your back after spending beautiful time with them on the beach! They will talk about the way you speak, the way you wear and the way you eat. You will feel shocked, and you will try to forgive and forget! In this life, you may spend years after years, working to get something you believe is good for you and believe that no boundaries will prevent you from reaching it, meanwhile, others around you will start disappoint you, and you come to understand that it’s their job to break everything you build and it’s your job is fix and correct. In this life, you may love a person, then you realize that you wont be able to marry him/ her. You may spend months working to apply for a job and then one of your close friends, easily, gets it! I don’t know why do people spend most of their money buying too many expensive clothes, just to show that they have! I wonder why do men have to pay that big amount of mahr – to the bride when they are not able to?! Why do people spend very much money on marriage parties, choosing everything expensive? Can’t a person do his/ her marriage party in a beautiful garden full of flowers and invite his/her relatives and friends without having to pay much? Why do people fear the society’s law more than what Allah ordered us in the Qur’an? Why are people always afraid of ‘what people think’, about what we do, wear, speak? In this life, when in pain, try not to isolate yourself from people. Let your tears flow, and try to surround yourself with those who can help you face any calamity in life. Concentrate on remembering Allah – doing thikir – to prostate and pray. And I believe that this is the natural reaction every person who faces trials needs to realize and to wait for the ease from Allah to come, inshaAllah! 🙂 


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