I Spoke the Truth, I Was Fired.

For us human beings, and due to our very limited knowledge and wisdom, it sometimes may seem that there are extremism, injustice and contradiction in certain situations we go through, but the fact is that Allah’s absolute divine justice dominates the whole universe and a true believer will certainly find unbounded justice in that which he went through by going deeper into his life and taking into consideration everything happened to him.
We have to know for sure that all what happens to us is just according to Allah’s law, and we have to be more patient to witness the last chapter of our story where justice will appear and happiness and satisfaction will prevail.

I never had a doubt of Allah’s justice, alhamdulliah. I learned to wait to the very last moment to see how things go and because of this firm believe, I have no problems in life. Of course, we may cry and cry without being able to say anything, we may try to bear the pain with our teeth clenched, our tears may flow nonstop and our eyes may hurt, but most importantly is to know that beautiful things will come and that Allah’s plans are always better for us.

Recently, I experienced many hardships. I knew that (to speak) a word of justice to an oppressive ruler is something that needs courage, and I knew that I may lose friends, my job and many other things but I also knew that this is the best jihad in the path of Allah, so I did not hesitate to speak out. And I did! And yes, I lost some friends. And I lost my job.

However, the story didn’t end by this, Allah compensated me with a better job, actually I didn’t apply for it, yet the organization called me and I started working with them the following day. My salary was also doubled. I felt happy, but I felt happier that I was able to make a change and some of my friends told that they worked long in the same place but they didn’t dare to speak out. Now they learned a lesson.
I love you Allah ♥


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