My 2016 Reflections

“I look in the mirror
And what do I see?
I see my twin sister.
She’s looking at me.”


The above verses are from a poetry book that was presented to me for designing a book cover on the World Book Day when I was 8. My childhood books are still teaching me things in life everytime I go through them. They are kind of inspiration to me as the old good teachers that I will always remember. Today, I am using the verses again to remind myself that the person who I’m looking at in the mirrior is the very same person I’m nurturing and building everyday. Who I’m seeing in the mirror is the person who I’m teaching how to act and react in situations I go through; when in a calamity or when in success.

And because life is not only a quest for pleasure, we always have to remember to think of meanings in ones life. To care when you love, to perfect your tasks when you work, to encourage when you are in power.

You cannot control what happens to you in life, but you can always control what you will feel and do to what happens to you, and this is the beautiful thing; to have the freedom to choose how you’ll respond to a certain situation.

☆ Losing an opportunity that I wanted so badly has given my life meaning, a different meaning that without losing the opportunity, I wouldn’t have had learned it. There is a reason that I still can’t understand to why things happened the way it did, however, this ‘reason’ is the true inspiration that motiviates me from within to continue my journey; moving to my next chapter in life without knowing the events that will happen in it. And that there must be a potential meaning under any conditions, even the most difficult ones that I will experiance.

☆ For the first time in my life, I removed some toxic people from my life, those who were only numbers in my friends list. I confess it was a hard task that I had to do and it took very much time and to me, forgiving people is something, and deleting people from my life is something else and I think both can be done at the same time. And this did give my life meaning, at least, I allowed new people to take their places and to bring happiness and joy with them without having to hate others. Little did I realize how much difference this might make in my life until I actually did it. And believe me, deleting people from ones life is sometimes a great step a person has to take.

☆ Building ones good-reputation is the core of all goals. I do have ‘enmies’ who hate me for reasons they have and this is absolutely fine, but the point is when you have a good-reputation, it’ll be the sword that you’ll fight them with as long as you are alive and after you leave this world. You don’t have to face them; you’ll be busy working on your dreams, and they will be busy trying to change your reputation that is spread throughout all places, like a frganance of best perfumes.

☆ Being close to Allah is the only thing that matters to me. The true treasure that I have, the true love that I’m living and the true comfort that I’m feeling. People and money come and go. Jobs start and finish. Everything in this world a person asks for might get, but with the love of Allah – by knowing Him – everything is different, you see things differently, you act and react to what Allah decreed more wisely.

I am very excited for the year 2017 for I want to experiance more beauty, nature and truth. I want to experiance culture and goodness in people and I want to experiance another human being in his very uniquesness.
And whatever we do, I ask Allah for help in remaining busy in deeds which will bring me closer to You. Amen.

“I look in the mirror
And what do I see?
I see my twin sister
She’s looking at me.

We both look the same
In the clothes that we wear.
The same colour eyes
And the same colour hair.

I look in the mirror
And what do I see?
It’s not my twin sister.
I’m looking at me.”


2 thoughts on “My 2016 Reflections

  1. Isra Migdad, thank you for looking at my blogs. Some of the topics that I write about may be distressing for you, but there is nothing that I state that is false or malicious. I seek truth and authenticity only. If you are prepared to research deeper in order to rebut my views, I would be most pleased for I know then that you may find the truth yourself. Best wishes.

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  2. Isra Migdad, I like your poem and what you have written. You are thoughtful and sensitive. One sentence keeps ringing in my ears, and that is: “☆ Being close to Allah is the only thing that matters to me.” So I though I would refer you to some of my thoughts:


    Supremacist Faiths Kill Others but It is Based on Mythological Beliefs

    Historical and archaeological evidence has proven that the Abrahamic Faiths, in fact all Faiths of this world, are based on mythical legends of imaginative and pious people of ancient times. The legendary figures of Adam and Eve and Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Moses, Jesus, and YHWH, Christian God, Allah, were mythical figures. They never existed and no one has ever proven that they existed. Thus any supremacist ideologies of any such faiths are man-created exclusive doctrines and does not belong to the Divine world. So today’s savagery and killings are based on the absolute supremacy of their god is nothing but false doctrines of that faith. If only the pious could be made to see and accept that faiths are based on myths, the world would be a better place to live in.”

    And this has been based on the following article:


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