Discuss. Digest. Document- from Gaza

I have been working with my dear friend Eric Maddox the past four years and was involved in this amazing project – The Virtual Dinner Guest Project and The Virtual Iftar Project as part of it.we have done four virtual meetings with our different countries, two of them where during the month of Ramadan, in 2015!

To me and other participants, all meetings were eye opening experiences and it showed us all more intensity our similarities than any media coverage could. And yeah, you come to realize that we all have more in common than we think.

The first virtual dinner between Palestinians and students at the London School of Economics – LSE, 2013
The virtual dinner meeting between Palestinians and Native Americans in Oakland, CA, 2013
Our virtual Iftar meeting between Gaza and Amesterdam. We were having our Iftar – eating Maqlouba that I cooked. 🙂

Persoanlly, I think such initiatives will absolutely make a difference in a way that people from all over the world can talk and discuss issues together away from the mainstream media – ‘making the media in the hands of people’.

You can learn more about the project by visiting the website: http://www.virtualdinnerguest.com/

What about our Virtual Dinner Instagram Takeover?!

So every particiapnt takesover the Instagram account of the VDG project for 48 hours to post about their everyday lives, what they do and eat, who they see everyday, they also post a video interviewing a member of their faamily, a friend or a stranger. I was the first one to launch this project and takeover the first 48 hours from Gaza. It was a great experiance that I went through and many people from different countries were very interested in following us! And I invite you all to follow this amazing project to get to know more about places such as: Lebanon, USA, Kossovo, Washigton DC, Egypt, Mumbai, India, Philadelphia and Germany! All of this in one Instagram account @virtualdinner 😉

I’ll leave you with some of the pictures I post:

This is me @israamiqdad and after a long day out in a very windy (look at the palm trees) 🌴🌴and rainy day with my sister we were able to take this picture in al Kateeba park – in the middle of Gaza city! Many political demonstrations and festivals took place on Al Kateeba square! My house is in the other side, so am nearly home – and I am freezing cold!!! 😌🤓 The main 3 popular universities in Gaza: the Islamic university, Al-Azhar (it’s buildings seen behind me) and Al-Aqsa University are also in this area! Watch out for my video I’ll post here today… 😄 #OneTableOneLove #VirtualDinnerGuestProject #Gaza #Palestine #university #cold #winter #sister #weather #rain
I am at my friends house and wearing her mothers 20 y/o handmade Palestinian embroidered scarf. And as you can see, everything in her house is traditional especially the embroidered pillows. ❤ Fruits, Turkish coffee, and everything before and after the lunch is prepared. And yes, the main dish is also prepared. We are waiting to eat all the food! 🍲🍱☕ #OneTableOneLove #VirtualDinnerGuestProject #Gaza #Palestine #Refugee #embroidery #pillow #friend #fun

Here, watch me while I was helping in making the Palestinian dish, the Maftoul.

I spent great time with my friend’s family making maftoul, the delicious staple Palestinian dish, from scratch. Enjoy the video. 😉🍲

5 Replies to “Discuss. Digest. Document- from Gaza”

  1. Yum! Fast-food in Gaza is healthier and tastier than anything in Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. The street vendor hotdogs in D.C. are good if you get the Beef half smoke (spicy hot dog). The best restaurant in Philly is Sahara Grill by middle eastern immigrant family.

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  2. Oh Wait! I must take back my words. Now that America is “Great Again,” under our new leader all of our food is amazing. Our food is the best, and is terrific. Some people say our food is too salty and has too much sugar. This is false. All American food has no sugar and no salt, and 100% amazing flavor. And it gets even better…All of our food is free! That’s right, absolutely free for all of America, because Mexico pays for it.

    Ok, in all seriousness–American food culture isn’t good. America is known for McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and everything that is good almost always is foreign inspired. There are a few exceptions. Georgia Brown’s gourmet southern food in Washington, D.C. is amazing. I named my dog Georgia Brown after that restaurant, it is so good. Other than that, American food is solid in killing the gall bladder organ and delivering violent and painful diarrhea. Is-hell!

    The restaurant in the Native American Museum at the Smithsonian Museum in D.C. is also very good–you pick the Native American Tribe, go to that service area, and pick fresh made recipes that were eaten and passed down by the tribe. I bought the executive chef’s cookbook, The Mitsitam Café Cookbook: Recipes from the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, and it is amazing.

    But, still, the food of the Middle East is healthier and better.

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  3. I just watched the video–this is so unfair, seeing fresh and amazing food made, and the border is closed off so none of us can have it. I don’t have the same cooking pots, but will attempt to make Maftoul and will share the results. If my family loves it that will be the test of success.

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