10 Things I love about Mama!

Mama when visited Al-Aqsa back in 1997. I hope it won’t be the last, inshaAllah

10. When she hears me saying that I want to eat egg & potato skillet for breakfast- something I really really love, I wake up the next morning finding that she did it for me. She always make things I want her priorities. 

9. She remembers everyone. She always makes sure that everyone has his/ her food ready- if s/he is busy or not home.

8. When there is a decision that the family has to take, she comes first to us, her daughters, to know what we prefer and then she suggests that to my father and brothers.

7. When she is busy doing something, she does is with absolute quitence that you even don’t notice that she’s there!

6. She is known of not allowing her daughters to mix freely with their male cousins- even if in her house. One of my cousins who visited us from KSA for the first time noticed that all cousins are in the garden except for Umm Asem’s daughters. Too many people find this weird but alhamdulliah that she set limits to everything. At times we used to show our desire to join everyone but even if we do, she always reminds us of the limits she taught us.

5. When bad things happen to me, she cries more than I do as if she’s the one that went through the situation. I then start to calm her down and we laugh together.

4. She delayed her university studies 18 years so she can raise us up properly. I finished high school and then we registered together at the university.

3. She loves her mother, grandma Sarah, and takes care after her with very much love. She always makes her feel safe, wanted and happy. I always tell my mother that she has left a huge responsibility on our shoulders. Ya Rabbi ‘have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small’

2. My mum is about nine years younger than dad and she got married early, however, I am really impressed of her wisdom of dealing with situations, and I am more impressed of the way she thinks, the way she solves problems, how she forgives, gives and never asks for return. I once asked her the reason why she accepted to marry my dad when he’s 9 years older and that’s too much, and that this would have caused social difficulties, etc. She responded that he was her brothers friend and he encouraged her to accept as he is a beautiful person in and out. And look at our Mother Khadijah (ra) and that she forgot about the age and thought about more important things when she wanted to marry Prophet Mohammed- upon him be peace. She said that what really distinguishes people is Taqwa. It was difficult at the beginning, but a clever woman can live happily if she wants.

1. I love her amazing cooking skills. When we ask people of what they prefer to eat when they are invited at our house they choose seafood dishes. And they all taste really amazingly amazing. 

May Allah bless our mothers. Ameen. ❤


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