Who Will Be The Next Family .. ? #LestWeForget #Gaza

Can’t believe it has been three years now since the ‘israeli’ aggression happened summer 2014. Like today, my family and I were still at our friends house (we had to leave our house after being damaged for three times) going to a ‘safer’ place. It was the third day of eid holiday and of course it was #eid_shaheed as everyone described it. Sisters had to stay at home and few men went to pray eid salah. Two days later Rafah massacre happened and there were about 50 shaheeds! It was the 26th day of the aggression, and we didn’t know that it will last for another 15 days! So many things happened that I just can’t write and describe.

Thinking of all this, I thank Allah that He blessed me with life after going through all such dreadful experiences. Here is a piece of writing I shared describing what we went through:

Source: Who Will Be The Next Family .. ?


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