In #Gaza 

My friend, 
If you are able to drink a cold cup of water in a very hot day, 

If you are able to use your fridge to preserve food at a cold temperature, (not using it as a closet)

If you are able to buy fruits, vegetables and meat and keep them in your fridge, without finding them spoiled,

If you are able to work on your laptop without thinking of any electricity problem, 

If you are able to wash your laundry when you want to, 

If you are able to choose the time of when to iron your shirt, 

If you are able to sleep, without having to wake up in the middle of the night to do any of the above, then say alhamdulliah, you are living a mastestic human life!!! 

In #Gaza, as we are only having 3 hours electricity and 24 hours cut, I would like to remind you to remember the favors of Allah upon you- those that we won’t ever enumerate. 


Ya Allah we compalin to You what has befallen us, 

Ya Allah adversity has touched us and we are calling upon You to change the situation to the bettter.


2 thoughts on “In #Gaza ”

  1. It is getting worse. Abbas is no longer paying electric bill to Israel, so the 3 hours electricity is going to get worse. The sewer treatment plant is affected by this so now on the beach, a place to cool down, there is untreated human waste in the waters and black flags warning people not to enter the waters. Everyone is trying to choke out Hamas, to your detriment. Please God bring relief to Gaza.

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  2. Hamas is evil. They just praised the death of two. They do that often. They will praise your death as well in the form of blame. Good luck to you. I hope you see relief soon. This is so bad!


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