Isra Migdad graduated from the Business Adminstration department at the Islamic University of Gaza in 2012. She is also an Islamic Finance student at the Islamic Online Universty.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. ” I like people and like to laugh.I am a person who likes to listen, dream and think, I love easily and I am forgiving.”
    “I am just a human being and love all humans..”
    Masha Allah — I so admire the way you have described yourself.truly it is a testament of the beautiful soul you possess. Insha Allah I PRAY one day you will be able to travel and visit new places and fulfill all your aspirations!


  2. Salaams
    Really very nice to read your story !!
    My eye became a full with tears and field with memories with the time which I spent in Gaza !!!
    One of the best days of my life which I spent their !!!

    Always praying for people of Gaza and Palestine
    Victory for Gaza is very Near
    Love you Gaza

    Best Regards


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