Masjid al-Omari in Gaza

Masjid al-Omari al-Kabeer is the largest and oldest mosque in the Gaza Strip, located in Gaza‘s old city.


Ramadan @VirtualDinner Instagram takeover

Salaam alikum friends,

Do you want to know about different fasting experiances from different parts of the world? Participants from Palestine, UK, USA, Suadi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE, Indonesia, India and Australia will be joining our Instagram takeover the whole month of Ramadan. Syria may also paricipate. There will be about six participants from Gaza. ❤
Participant will take over our instagram account @virtualdinner for 48 hours each. All participants will share with you about their peersonal lives, food and many more.


I’ll post sometime during the month of Ramadan to tell you how things are going and how beautiful the experiance is. 🙂

Until next time,

#Marriage and #Single life- In Gaza

In a hashtag that has spread so wide in #Gaza about #marriage and #single life, (#زواج_وعزوبية) men and women are sharing their various opinions about it, and they are about to fight, lol!

Men are basically talking about the high #mahr and women are discussing the issue of men’s characteristics and before that, their full right of having the mahr.


Some guys made designs showing in numbers how much money do they have to spend for marriage! Marriage venue $800, Mahr $5000, party #1500, presents while engagment $800, gold $700, marriage banquest/ waleema $2000!!!

You’ll end up paying $10,000!!

So if anyone was planning to marry a Gazan please think again before you finally decide!

You better go and start your own business, man!!

Well, numbers are actually less than that but sadly it reaches this amount of money!

The guys then used the hadith of Prophet Mohammed- peace be upon him- that says, “The best of mahrs is the simplest (or most affordable” – or as Prohpet Moahmmed peace be upon him said.

The sisters forgets that Prophet Mohammed- peace be upon him- once said to a man, “Marry, even with (a Mahr equal to) an iron ring.” – a hadith that is graded: Sahih (authentic)


Here is a post that I shared previously, on my blog, about dowry: Your Value is NOT Your Dowry!

A reflection on my parents

As I had to stay home alone to finish some work, I spent some time thinking about my beautiful family. About the time we spent together in many places in hard and good times. Thinking of the hard time my parents went through to raise us despite everything, about the time when mum had to take care after us when dad was imprisoned. How she delayed her university studies to dedicate her time for us, teaching us the religion, school courses and how to be better people. About how much time she spent sewing me dresses by her own hands.

I am thinking about the drawings of my father – while he was in prison – drawing our names and expressing what he wanted to tell us and his feelings towards us on a piece of cloth, and then send it to us. I am thinking of the way they taught us the Islamic principles, how to love and practice the Deen from a very young age. How to recite the Qur’an beautifully and how to teach it to others. How to respect everyone, how to give without having to wait for a return. How to love each other unconditionally. How to love for our brothers and sisters what we love for ourselves.

I love the way my parents teaches us how to be honest, how to take care after old people, how to give charity and how to forgive… they simply walk the talk and teach us by example. I am really blessed that I have parents who understand the religion right, who understand women rights in Islam and applies it in our life. I am blessed that they taught us to be attached to Allah and His messenger Mohammad – peace be upon him. They taught us to attach ourselves to the religion which has a perfect methodology instead of following people who change, and who come and go in our lives.

I am thinking of the way my beautiful mum taught me how to dress up, how to cook, how to clean and how to do everything at home perfectly.

I ask Allah the Almighty to help me please them and make them always proud of me and of what I achieve in life.

May Allah bless all our families for everything they do for us. Amen.