It’s so weird how a person can feel the pain of loneliness even when around many people…

I only complain of my suffering and my grief to Allah. 


Gaza Dark-iology

Now it’s switched off! Yes I am using “switching” here, because they do it intentionally! There are some good solutions suggested to the electricity problem in Gaza but “these options are currently on hold due to political reasons” – as they always explain and mention in the news and yet more political games to be played!

Hmm, that means that we’ll see the electricity after another 20 hours. It’s January and it reaches 8ْ  in the evening and there is no heating system. Even if we have, it will be left unused – for there will be no power to run it. My family has two electrical heaters that we use during the four hours electricity and another two kerosene heaters that we don’t use during the last few years because it’s not available.

According to IMEU: Institute for Middle East Understanding, “Palestinians in Gaza rely on Gaza for cooking, heating and industrial use. The Gaz needed is 400 tons per day but the gaz allowed by Israel is 250 tons or less!”

With the rolling 20-hours blackouts every day, Gaza’s 2 million Palestinians are left in the dark — and cold. I don’t know how those who are living in tents and caravans are enduring all this! Or do Gaza people have to cope with this matter and live on with life the rest of their lives?

I work online, and I study online as well. I think that my ordinary activities that I am supposed to do with comfort are becoming increasingly difficult. Today, I went to a near academic institution to charge my laptop and devices simply because I forgot to charge them the night before. The electricity came after I have had gone asleep! It’s funny right! They say, “the worst disaster is the one that brings laughter”

So what do I usually do I usually do in these 4 hours of electricity? Do the laundry? Or to turn on the water heater? To charge your devices? To have a warm bath in this very cold weather? Or to just to relax and sit next to a heater? Or to do your homework? I do not know how exactly I do all this and even more to utilize these four hours fully! I am not alone at home. This means that I might wait days until I put my laundry in the washing machine! I sometimes don’t know how to prioritize when everything is important! Other times I leave everything doing nothing just enjoying an hours or two watching the TV.

I lost a scholarship to study International Business in Scotland because of the imposed siege and closed borders. My family and I were planning to perform Umrah this January but Gaza people are not allowed to go this year. I had no choice but to postpone one of my semesters because I wasn’t able to leave my house to do my final exams in the local exam center – during the 2014 miserable Israeli aggression!

I don’t know when all this will stop, when will the Israeli blockade, which is illegal,  be lifted?!!