A Dinner & a Movie 2

SO our team in Gaza did it, alhamdulliah!

Do you want to watch our AMAZING short film we recently did? Click here and enjoy your time. 😉


Here is what my friend, the founder of The Virtual Dinner Guest Project, Eric Maddox shared on his facebook page:

Wonder what it would be like to spend an afternoon walking around the streets of Gaza and asking every stranger you met one question, any question, the BIGGEST question? That’s essentially what our team there just did… while another team did the same in Rotterdam. Please take a few minutes to check out and share the results. This is by far the coolest video we’ve ever produced… and it was done under some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable. I can take none of the credit. Our team team in Gaza managed everything on their own.

It’s been more than six years since I first conceived of The Virtual Dinner Guest Project. In that time it’s gone through a lot of changes, and the concept is still evolving. What started out as a dinner conversation between residents of Cd. Juárez, Mexico and Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, has since traversed 5 continents, and connected communities in 20 countries for close to 80 events (I’ve actually lost count).

This latest project was by far one of the most challenging that I’ve ever undertaken, on both sides, and the results are by far the best that our participants have ever produced. The connection between residents of Gaza, Palestine, and Rotterdam, Holland was facilitated by my dear friend Isra Miqdad, whom I met during my short trip to Gaza, back in 2013. She and the team at Ain Media had to overcome massive power cuts throughout, not to mention all of the other challenges that accompany living under a state of siege, with all land, air, and sea access shut off for the past ten years. The project was sponsored by the Arab Film Festival in Holland, where we also screened the films last Sunday.

You can also watch this and all of our other films on our website:

Our Virtual Dinner guests in Holland asked the people of Gaza to make a film that answered the following question:

“What are your dreams? What are the main obstacles to achieving them? How will you overcome those obstacles?”

The film from the Rotterdam side will be posted in the coming days (Gaza asked Rotterdam “What’s the biggest problem in the world and how would you solve it?”).

If you want to learn about what life is like in Gaza, what people *want* life to be like in Gaza, and how the siege and perceptions about the Palestinian community have directly impacted the lives of real people then all of us invite you to watch and PLEASE share this video EVERYWHERE.


A Dinner & a Movie

After finishing the first virtual dinner meeting – that we held the last week – between Palestine (Gaza) and the Nerthlands (Rotterdam), the participants on both sides asked their counterparts a question to be asked to the public. Now our Gaza team are filming the street interviews asking people the question from the Rotterdam team:

“What are your dreams? What are the challenges you face in fulfilling them? How will you overcome these challenges?”

The team went to the streets and started to gather voices from Gaza citizens in order to make a short film that you can watch online soon. Our aim is to provide more unfiltered, independent media that we are all in need of. Our second virtual dinner with Gaza will be in middle October and it will be presented live at the Arab Film Festival.