A Dinner & a Movie

After finishing the first virtual dinner meeting – that we held the last week – between Palestine (Gaza) and the Nerthlands (Rotterdam), the participants on both sides asked their counterparts a question to be asked to the public. Now our Gaza team are filming the street interviews asking people the question from the Rotterdam team:

“What are your dreams? What are the challenges you face in fulfilling them? How will you overcome these challenges?”

The team went to the streets and started to gather voices from Gaza citizens in order to make a short film that you can watch online soon. Our aim is to provide more unfiltered, independent media that we are all in need of. Our second virtual dinner with Gaza will be in middle October and it will be presented live at the Arab Film Festival.



In #Gaza 

My friend, 
If you are able to drink a cold cup of water in a very hot day, 

If you are able to use your fridge to preserve food at a cold temperature, (not using it as a closet)

If you are able to buy fruits, vegetables and meat and keep them in your fridge, without finding them spoiled,

If you are able to work on your laptop without thinking of any electricity problem, 

If you are able to wash your laundry when you want to, 

If you are able to choose the time of when to iron your shirt, 

If you are able to sleep, without having to wake up in the middle of the night to do any of the above, then say alhamdulliah, you are living a mastestic human life!!! 

In #Gaza, as we are only having 3 hours electricity and 24 hours cut, I would like to remind you to remember the favors of Allah upon you- those that we won’t ever enumerate. 


Ya Allah we compalin to You what has befallen us, 

Ya Allah adversity has touched us and we are calling upon You to change the situation to the bettter.

Who Will Be The Next Family .. ? #LestWeForget #Gaza

Can’t believe it has been three years now since the ‘israeli’ aggression happened summer 2014. Like today, my family and I were still at our friends house (we had to leave our house after being damaged for three times) going to a ‘safer’ place. It was the third day of eid holiday and of course it was #eid_shaheed as everyone described it. Sisters had to stay at home and few men went to pray eid salah. Two days later Rafah massacre happened and there were about 50 shaheeds! It was the 26th day of the aggression, and we didn’t know that it will last for another 15 days! So many things happened that I just can’t write and describe.

Thinking of all this, I thank Allah that He blessed me with life after going through all such dreadful experiences. Here is a piece of writing I shared describing what we went through:

Source: Who Will Be The Next Family .. ?

Starting in Qatar, ending in Gaza!

Baraa Nizar Rayyan writes about Boycotting Qatar at alJazeera blogs (in Arabic) He says that what’s happening is begining in Doha and will be ending in Gaza. He is not optimistic of the situation saying that the main target is to eliminate Hamas!
He says that what the area is going through indicates that there might be a near ‘war’ on Gaza that lets nothing remain and leaves nothing unburned. And after the rockets eat our childrens bodies, Gaza people will then count their enemies again, seeing more faces [Arabs] this time, as he mentioned.
Baraa, the son of the Muslim scholar and well known Hamas leader- the Martyr, Nizar Rayaan, lost 17 members of his family all in one moment! Rayyan family was deliberately targeted by the Israeli occupation on the Jan 1st, 2009, and they were all killed at once while they were inside their house.
I personally know this beautiful family. I would say that the family’s death is a big loss not only for Palestine yet for all the Muslim Ummah.
May Allah grant the Muslim ummah patience to endure all that that is happening and replace the leaders of our Muslim countries with leaders who can be real representives of their people, establish the truth and abolish falsehood. Ya Allah make us not go through a 4th ‘Israeli’ agression as Palestinians are still living the suffering after the 3rd ‘isreali’ agreession on Gaza, summer 2014!

The world is going crazy. I am personally afraid of what might happen. However, I am reminding myself of this great calming verse of the Qur’an:

“Those to whome hypocrites said, “Indeed, the people have gathered against you, so fear them.” But it [merely] increased them in faith, and they said, “Sufficent for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs.”
Qur’an Surah Aal Imran 173