My Virtual Dinner Guest Project Team ♥


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A Dinner & a Movie

After finishing the first virtual dinner meeting – that we held the last week – between Palestine (Gaza) and the Nerthlands (Rotterdam), the participants on both sides asked their counterparts a question to be asked to the public. Now our Gaza team are filming the street interviews asking people the question from the Rotterdam team:

“What are your dreams? What are the challenges you face in fulfilling them? How will you overcome these challenges?”

The team went to the streets and started to gather voices from Gaza citizens in order to make a short film that you can watch online soon. Our aim is to provide more unfiltered, independent media that we are all in need of. Our second virtual dinner with Gaza will be in middle October and it will be presented live at the Arab Film Festival.


‘وعليّ جمْعُ الحطب…’ ♥

أجملُ المبادرات هي تلك التي نقدّمها ونحنُ في أوج قوّتنا، كنتَ أباً، أو زوجاً، أو مسؤول دائرة أو رئيس جامعة، أو قائداً لعشرة، في محاولتك أن تكون لك يد لإنجاز مَهمات في حياتك اليومية تقطفُ بعض ثمرات السعادة وأنت تساهم بعملها، تساهم في أكلة تطبخها لك أمّك/ زوجك فتحضّر لها ما تطلب، أو أنّك تجمعُ الملفات المطلوبة مساعداً أصغر موظف لديك، غير مكترثٍ لما قد يُقال عنك، أو أنّكِ تساهمين بأعمال البيت التي لا تنتهي- مع اخوتك، فتأخذين حُصّتك في ترتيب غرفة أو إعداد الضيافة أو جلي الأطباق، دون انتظار نداء أمّك لفعل كذا وكذا … فالله يكره أن يرى عبده متميّزاً عن أقرانه! فتدرّب نفسك على هذا الخلُق مرّة بعد مرّة حتى يصح جزءاً من ذاتك فيُحبّك مَن حولك ويلتف حولك مَن حولك فتصبح شامة بينهم وهو عزُّ لحالك في الدنيا، وذكرٌّ لك في ديوان الله، وسندٌ لضعفك عند الحساب، فلستَ أقل من غيرك احتياجاً للأجر …
وفي ذلك فليتنافسُ المتنافسون.

Al- Aqsa al-Sharif 💔

Al-Aqsa is not only a masjid. It’s part of our faith. And it’s not ONLY for Palestinians!!

Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, told us not to undertake a journey to visit any Mosque, except for three: His masjid (Al-Nabawi), alMasjid al-Haram and Masjid al- Aqsa.

We MUST support it in everyway possible people! Don’t sit back to see it freed from the oppressors without YOU moving anything! DO SOMETHING! This is faith and what’s happening is not but a test and Allah will distinguish the wicked from the good. BE amongst the good and raise awarness about it, write about it, protest for it’s sake, make duaa at night, Go, if you are able, and prevent what’s happening on its haram!! Every single deed counts!

I can’t express my love towards the “Murabitat” – a the group of women who protest the entry of settlers into al-Aqsa Mosque. Zaina Abdo is one of the main sisters protesting there and she has been injured several times because of that. She doesn’t want to stay NO ONE DAY at the hospital without defending alaqsa from the oppressors! May Allah bless her, her husband (who has also been injured) her family and all people protesting there.

Ya Allah free al-masjid al-Aqsa, whose surroundings You have blessed, from the oppressors! Ya Rabbi, tear them to pieces, and sow dissension between them and their followers. Amen.